We at Titan Infusions strive to make a difference with our innovative products that are infused with CBD. We feel that it is our moral obligation to provide a healthier alternative to pain relief and recovery. Our story begins with our own lives being affected when our CEO Marcel Brunner mom was diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2015. We realized that she could benefit from the cannabis plant however she did not like the feeling of being high. After doing some extensive research he came across numerous articles and studies on CBD. He then decided to give it to her in different forms and quickly realized he was onto something. That’s when Titan Infusions was born. He literally was infusing all sorts of products with CBD for her, so she could manage going thru chemotherapy, increase her appetite, help relax her body, sleep better and reduce her anxiety.

Mr. Brunner quickly decided if this product worked well for his mother then it would also work for his father-in-law which has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease for over 30 years. After administering the CBD oil to him, within several minutes they noticed he was able to open his eyes, stop twitching his arms, and actually speak clearly. With his clear vision for his company, Mr. Brunner has a mission to fix the broken healthcare system and provide everyone in need with this miracle plant. In his own words, “the people deserve a high-quality product that is affordable”.

Unfortunately, in early 2018 we lost his mom to cancer. Marcel vowed to his mom he would spread the awareness of CBD and all its health benefits. We strongly believe that our society is on the right path to open the peoples mind to the many benefits CBD can do. During this journey, we have been able to partner up with some of the top-rated companies in the industry to bring our customers the best sourced CBD and ingredients.


Now more than ever, consumers are recognizing the importance of naturally taking care of their bodies to live a longer life. With a natural healing approach this is attainable. Not only have they become more aware of their health- national, state and local regulations are impacting the concernment for healthier options.

Today, as the creations of the CBD industry continues to grow and evolve, the demand for healthier alternatives increase and the consumers demand higher quality products. At Titan infusions, we are committed to creating healthier products with high quality ingredients. We have made great strides towards expanding our product lines that feature a vase selection of healthier products.

Titan infusions is excited to be part of this CBD lifestyle movement and will do everything we can to ensure our customers have the products they need and deserve.  Join the revolution today.

Take a Titan… Be a titan